Recommended playlist

This page is mostly recommended for people not from Constantine, or not from North Africa, or not Sefardic/Mizrachi, or people who have a hard time with chazanut. It’s not easy for someone (especially Ashkenazim) to discover and appreciate a world of new melodies. I will give you here a recommended playlist to enter softly into the Chazanut of Constantine. I selected different chazanim with different styles and different types of tunes to get a good idea of the variety of melodies of the Constantine community.

El Adon (Andalusian tune) by Rav Yaacov Guedj

Taamim of the Haftara by Frank Khalifa

Tikun Hatal by Moshe Ifrah

10 Commandments (taam elione) by Gerard Attaiech

Haftarat Bereshit by Benjamin Meir Khalifa