Nishmat Kol Chai


The Nishmat Kol Chai is the favorite song of the Jews of Constantine. The greatness of this praise to G.od is nowadays recognized and even given to people in the streets, in special occasions (like a wedding) as a segula. Every Jew of Constantine has pleasure singing it or listening to it. There is a basic song (well representated by the Chazanim Frank Khalifa and Gerard Attaiech here) or more customized versions (like the original version from Rav Yaacov Guedj), every singer can, when he wants, bring his own touch and give it a different “look”, making it more joyful, more melancolic or other. Every version deserves to be listened. The highest point of customization generally comes during the “Matsil Ani”, at the end of the song.


Frank Khalifa

Rav Yaacov Guedj

Gerard Attaiech