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Mobile app

The SoundCloud mobile app permits to listen clearly to all of the songs of Constantine Tefilot. Create an account and follow us on SoundCloud.

Download the SoundCloud app from the Play Store for Android

Download the SoundCloud app from the Apple Store for iPhone


Go to the SoundClound channel of Constantine Tefilot

Go to the Facebook page of Constantine Tefilot

Go to the YouTube Channel of Constantine Tefilot


The book “Teerav Rinati” about all the piyutim, zemirot and other Constantine songs. Contact David Attias by email or phone.

The siddur “Tefilat Hachodesh”, Erez edition (B’H special Constantine edition soon). Send an email to David Levy or call him.

A book about the minhagim of Constantine is in preparation by Avraham Zitoun (in French).


There is a WhatsApp group called “Hazanout Constantinoise” (with French and Hebrew speakers), created by David Renassia. This group shares and records songs every day.

Many audio files are shared in a Dropbox folder handled by Haim Bismuth, accessible here. There are any types of recordings: ancient, recent, good or less good quality, extracts or complete tracks.